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Reimagine Beverage Containers
Recycling Centers Will Close

THANK YOU! During the past four years we have recycled more than 40 million bottles and cans through Reimagine centers and we thank the citizens of the Dallas/Fort Worth area for their support.

The Reimagine Beverage Containers recycling project was launched in 2010 as a pilot program to test the concept of a “bring system” for recycling – offering people a place where they can bring their empty bottles and cans if they don’t have the availability of curbside recycling. During almost four years of testing, we have learned a lot about what is required to successfully operate a system like Reimagine. We are grateful to Kroger and the people of Arlington, Garland, Irving, Little Elm and Plano for their support of Reimagine.

For those who don’t have curbside recycling pickup, click here for a list of other recycling centers in Arlington, Garland, Irving, Little Elm and Plano.

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